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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is generally caused by damage to your spine’s muscles, ligaments, or discs. Lifting heavy objects or twisting awkwardly can stretch these tissues, and they may develop small tears. Chronic (long-term) conditions that cause back pain include:

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Disc Herniation

Your spinal discs are shock-absorbent, circular pads of tissue that fit between your spine’s vertebrae (bones). They protect and stabilize your spine. Discs have a fibrous outer layer and a soft, jelly-like core called the central pulp. When the central pulp starts to push outward, it causes a bulge. If the outer layer tears, the pulp can herniate, pushing through or leaking into your spinal canal. 

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

What is minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS)? Dr. Weinstein makes one or more small cuts to access your spine when performing MISS. Through these incisions, he makes repairs to reduce or relieve back and neck pain. Traditional spine surgery requires large incisions that cut into your muscles. Extensive tissue damage can cause considerable pain after surgery. It also takes you longer to recover.

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Spine Surgery

Why might I need spine surgery? You might need spine surgery if you have a back or neck condition that can’t heal properly on its own. Or surgery might be something to consider if your long-term spine pain isn’t improving with nonsurgical treatments. Back and neck pain cause suffering to millions of people in the United States each year. Some live with it for decades, missing out on many aspects of a happy, rewarding life because of their pain.

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